Six-Arm Chandelier with Central Glass Globe

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This six-arm chandelier with a central glass globe, is truly the epitome of historical romance. Produced in Pennsylvania in
1820, it is constructed from tinned sheet iron and glass. Photographs simply do not

do it justice; when illuminated with its candlelight, it creates an atmosphere that is warm and inviting, and also evocative of another time. It once belonged to the painter John McCoy (b. 1910), of coastal Maine. He was married to Ann Wyeth, daughter of N.C. Wyeth and sister to the well-known Andrew Wyeth, who remarked on him that, “I think I may well have been influenced by his rather somber look at things. There is a brooding quality, a smoldering power in his painting.” We like to think that this chandelier illuminated – or perhaps inspired – that inherent yet fruitful brooding.

Dimensions: H 23 x Ø 25 1⁄2 in

Year: c. 1820

Materials: Tinned sheet iron, glass, iron chain