Modello IV


This birch plywood box, entitled Modello
IV, handmade in Florence and hand painted with water-based colors, was envisaged in a manner reminiscent of soft fabrics. Modello IV also evokes references such as the renowned fashion designer Ken Scott, known lovingly as “the fashion gardener” in the 1960s, and is also inspired by lipstick and eyeshadow tests on the back of a hand or on a palette.

The dissonance – the subversion even – between references to sharp Renaissance architecture (à la architect Aldo Rossi), combined with this notion of softness and femininity, creates an interesting tension that is both visually intriguing and historically evocative.

Dimensions: W 9 1/2 x D 9 1/2 x H 13 3/8 in (24 x 24 x 34 cm)

Year: 2023

Materials: Birch plywood box, water based paint, linen and cotton rope, borosilicate and enamelled copper charms