Flowers for my mother (1), 2024

Jennefer Hoffmann

Jennefer Hoffmann’s sculptural works are intimate, nuanced, and thought-provoking expressions of the artist’s personal interiority as well as shrewd demonstrations of her innate technical prowess. As “landscapes of memory”, the sculptures reflect the complex human desire to encapsulate a feeling into a tangible artifact – whether fleeting or one that lasts.

flowers for my mother (1) is a delightful vessel with mustard, cerulean blue and turquoise glazed tones, and the abundant use of textural pinching gives the appearance of shells in a grotto. Beginning with clay slabs, she pinches the forms using her hands, and as she observes, the process of pinching, “became my primary language over the years.”

Dimensions: W 10" x D 10" x H 9 1/2"

Year: 2024

Materials: Stoneware and glaze