Dakimakura: Lain, 2024

Grace Atkinson

Grace Atkinson's ever-evolving practice exhibits an utmost meticulousness, remarkable artistic deftness as well as the artist’s deep well of thoughtfulness and feeling. Dakimarkua (daki = embrace, makura = pillow) are large cushions found in Japan with the purpose of being slept with or gently held. In the 1990s, dakimakura became intertwined with the Otaku culture, resulting in the contemporary dakimakura we recognize today: large cushions with depictions of anime characters.

Dakimakura Lain is an interpretation of this, depicting particular anime characters that have ignited for a sense of restorative nostalgia for Atkinson. Made with silk, pearls, polyester filling, polyester ribbon and cotton thread, these soft works are expressions of philosophical comfort and physic embrace.

Dimensions: W 22 1/2" x D 7 H 5"

Material: Silk, pearls, polyester filling, polyester ribbon, cotton thread

Year: 2024