Pink Silk arm rest Sussex chair dressing

Kristin Dickson-Okuda

Ruffles, scrunches, and gathered organza. This is how Dickson-Okuda choses to veil the historical Sussex chair (based on a regional stick back chair, produced by Morris & Co. c. 1870), as if listening to the chairs' needs when asked how best to preserve and adorn them. Whilst the exaggerated train of silk and overstuffed armature might contradict the Arts and Crafts icon it dresses, the playful sheerness highlights the craftsmanship and transforms its silhouette to something entirely different.

Overstuffed silk cushions tie around (with long black extensions) the arms of this Sussex chair which are further covered by napkins, pinned down with vintage accessories, further protected by clear vinyl squares. The legs of the chairs are kept warm with cream knitted leg cozies.

Dimensions: W 21 ¼ x D 16 x H 26 ¼ in

Year: 2022

Material: Silk wool, polyester rayon, shantung silk, gold fill wire, red seeds, vintage metallic beads, clear vinyl, wool yarn.

Two available