Zapf Shelving Boards

Otto Zapf

Otto Zapf (b. Czechoslovakia, 1931-2018) was a renowned industrial designer. In 1959, he founded the company Vitsoe & Zapf with Niels Wiese Vitsoe, where the partners produced many well-known designs by Dieter Rams. Prior to leaving the joint partnership, he began exploring his “Softline System”, which was composed of flexible office systems that could function in a variety of applications. In 1973 he began his tenure at Knoll, which he described as “an island of humanitarianism,” and where his designs were actualized and sold widely.

These green shelving units are prototypes, and composed of green lacquered glossy fiberglass.

Dimensions: H 9.45" x W 66.54" x D 11.03"

Year: 1968

Material: Fiberglass