Jacqueline Sullivan Gallery

The first publication by Jacqueline Sullivan Gallery supports the inaugural exhibition “Substance in a Cushion” as a thoughtful accompaniment, adding another layer of exploration of and curiosity about everyday, seemingly mundane objects in a new and sometimes even strange way.

Creative collaborators for the first publication include Lauren Ardis, Beatrice Bonino, Elliot Camarra, Adrianna Glaviano, Marcelo Gomes, Vere Van Gool, Alma Libera, Kiri Uno-Brito Muemann, Monica Nelson, Abel Sloane, Haydée Touitou, Ruby Woodhouse and more.

Dimensions: 11" X 8.5" 62 pages, Loose bound with an elastic tie, wrap around poster and letterpress poem card in a cornstarch wrapper

Edition of 300

September 2022

$68.00 (plus postage)