Lotus Bronze Pot


This Japanese bronze pot originates from the Meiji Period (1868-1912), a time of enormous artistic production. As the government promoted the country’s inclusion in several world fairs, beginning with The 1873 World’s Fair in Vienna, there was greater worldwide exposure for Japanese artworks. Though porcelain and lacquer had been widely collected throughout the world at that point, Japanese metalwork did not enjoy the same international renown at the time. This lotus pot is a beautiful example of such metalwork.

Composed of sturdy bronze, its form simultaneously evokes the softness and beauty of the revered lotus flower, a motif for its spiritual implications. Though historic, there is a timeless graphic quality that enlivens it as almost a contemporary object.

Dimensions: H 11 5/8" x D 11"

Year: Meiji Period (c.1868 - 1912)

Material: Bronze